Computer Science Student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Passionate about programming, distributed systems and making sense of random data. Fan of simplistic UX and minimalist ‘Getting Started’ pages. You can view my resume here

Work Experience

Charter Communications | June - Aug 2016 | Aug - Dec 2015

Interned twice at the 2nd biggest cable company in the US. Played around with the latest DevOps tools like Chef, Packer, Jenkins. Created a Docker Provisioning process for dockerizing microservices in the attempt to optimize the CI, CD pipeline.

Infosys Technologies | Nov 2008 - July 2014

Joined as a Software Engineer, automated most of BAU (Business as Usual) work and created tools simplify complex tasks. Migrated around 1000+ applications between data center vendors, and trained and managed a team of 10 engineers who fortunately did not end up hating me.

Some Cool Stuff I have worked on

Banking App on Alexa

For the BigRed//Hacks 2016 I developed an Alexa skill which uses voice commands and converts them to appropriate banking tasks. I added a Speaker recognition module to this app by using Microsoft Cognitive Services thus providing authorization to the only user of the app. This was the first time someone has used identity management for any skill in Alexa. Got an ‘Honorable Mention’ from Microsoft for the same. The skill is available for use on Echoism, just say “Alexa start reImagine”.

Synchronized Video Viewing

Created a web app which synchronizes videos across multiple participants. Based on clock synchronization to synchronize the seek values across all multiple clients currently viewing a video. Used Firebase to hold the seek values as the central data store.

New York City Vehicle Collision Analysis

Performed a Vehicle Collision Analysis of New York City and used clustering methods to identify the intersections with the most collisions

Game Of Thrones

Created a Peer To Peer Network of 24 workstations based on DHT, 4 players choose a workstation borrow money from Iron Bank to buy unsullied soldiers to occupy nearby workstations. Implemented optimized leader election & mutual exclusion.